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Women who drink excessively can witness negative changes to their appearance. Physical signs of alcoholism are obvious in one’s facial appearance. All you need to do is look for broken capillaries on the nose and face. An alcoholic’s face is also more prone to swelling and cellulite. Once again, these effects are most obvious among women who are long-time heavy drinkers. Fortunately, there are now many different alcohol addiction treatment plans that help ease cravings.

physical signs of alcoholism

However, most professionals don’t use this phrase anymore; it’s too broad. The physical signs of alcoholism are not quite how Hollywood portrays them. Not all people with a drinking problem are on a park bench, swigging cheap vodka from a brown paper bag. The physical and emotional damage that alcoholism can cause is well documented and backed up by a tremendous amount of evidence.

Heart Disease

We offer gender-specific treatment for men who have a desire to turn their life around. People who are addicted to alcohol show certain behaviors while intoxicated. These short-term signs generally aren’t exclusive to alcohol abuse.

You may have dark circles under your eyes and your eyes may turn yellow from a condition known as jaundice. These are signs of a dangerous condition that could be fatal if not treated properly. Alcoholism in women often leads to inflammation of the liver, which is also known as alcoholic hepatitis. Women who struggle with alcohol use disorders (AUDs) are also more likely to die from cirrhosis than men in the same situation. When estrogen and alcohol are combined, it causes a greater risk of liver damage.

Social Warning Signs of Alcohol Abuse

Alcoholics will have a problem with limiting their alcohol consumption. Most women recognize this and will set limits on how much or how long they plan to drink. It’s normal to be able to follow the guidelines you’ve set for yourself. When a woman is an alcoholic, she won’t be able to control herself once she starts drinking. Attempting to beat an addiction to either drugs or alcohol on one’s own is not likely to be successful. People who are struggling with any addiction need to have access to a variety of services and specialists that can offer them the support that they need to make lifelong changes.

Some individuals might also try to hide their alcoholic behavior. The charge is on you to learn how to recognize symptoms of alcohol abuse and save a life. It is essential for people struggling with substance abuse to have professional support to overcome addiction. Alcohol use has toxic effects on the entire body, and some health issues reach a point where the damage is no longer reversible. Chronic systemic problems from alcoholism may lead to other serious diseases. If you are dealing with alcohol abuse or have someone in your life who is dependent on alcohol, check for these physical signs of alcoholism and seek help to begin the recovery process.

Anemia (Low Red Blood Cell Count)

She may even get her driver’s license revoked or suspended, depending on the severity of her charge. If you’re looking for a high-quality, professional, and trustworthy facility to attend rehab at, look no further than Free by the Sea. Dr. Richard Crabbe joined our team in 2019 as our psychiatrist and medical director. He attended the University of Ghana Medical School where he became a Medical Doctor in 1977. From 1978 through 1984, he was a medical officer in the Ghana Navy and provided a variety of services from general medicine to surgeries. He received his Certificate in General Psychology from the American Board of Psychology and Neurology in 2002.

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She currently practices in the public domain in South Africa. She has an interest in medical writing and has a keen interest in evidence-based medicine. All of the information on this page has been reviewed and verified by a certified addiction professional.

Graduate School of Addiction Studies

Hormonal fluctuations can affect how a woman connects with alcohol. Many women will continue getting behind the wheel after drinking or two. For example, if she has to pick up her child from school, she may see being a little bit drunk and driving as a lesser evil than not picking up her child at all.

Increasing tolerance should serve as a clear signal that abuse is developing into an addiction. When people become dependent on alcohol, they experience withdrawal symptoms once reducing or abstaining from drinking. These withdrawal symptoms vary in severity, but they can be severe and even fatal. Alcoholism is more than simply having an occasional glass of wine with dinner. When you have an alcohol use disorder, you have become dependent on alcohol despite the problems it may be causing you at work or at home. Alcoholism can cause lasting changes in the brain, which makes stopping the harmful drinking dangerous without professional help.

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